School Programmes

Excell3 offers schools a range of training programmes.

All of our courses are researched, written and created by former teachers, acclaimed motivational speakers, authors, education consultants and acknowledged experts in the specific field. Our courses are valued for their richness of content, their usability of ideas, and their array of practical, sustainable resources which continue to make an impact long after the courses are over.

Brief information about our menu of school based courses are provided, but do contact us for further details and to discuss your specific requirements.

The Heroes Journey a School Exclusion Risk Programme: This programme, which is aimed at pupils at risk of exclusion, works with pupils to enable them to make a U turn and remain in mainstream education. The programme supports them in creating a new personal narrative for managing the difficulties of school life.
You Can XL Empowerment Programme: This programme is a series of supplementary education projects which are delivered by a qualified team of specialist trainers and mentors.
1-2-1 Mentoring: Each mentoring project will be designed to meet the specific objectives which the school wants to achieve for each individual pupil. The duration of the mentoring relationship will also vary and be aligned to the mentoring objective. We have a pool of experienced mentors that can be appropriately matched to the pupil.
Peer Mentor Training: Equipping pupils with skills to mentor other pupils is an excellent mechanism for building the pupils confidence, developing their leadership skills and interpersonal skills. Trainee peer mentors can work towards an OCN accredited qualification in peer support and mentoring.
Overcoming Barriers to University: An accredited twelve week training programme equipping young people from disadvantaged communities to aspire to participate in Higher education and break the cycle of underachievement. The programme is accompanied by a parent empowerment programme.
Parent Empowerment Workshop’s: Excell3 considers parents to be key players in the educational performance of pupil’s, hence we run a range of parental training programmes to empower and up-skill parents, to be able to provide effective support to their children. Programmes can be tailored to meet the identified needs of a group of parents and delivery times can be negotiated around parent’s availability.
Assembly/Key Note Presentations: Our presenters are skilled communicators, with considerable skill in holding, informing, enthralling and delighting audiences. Their inspiring and dynamic delivery provides a theatrical-style, multi-sensory, interactive experience which challenges students to see learning in a new light.
Half-Term Revision Masterclass: Half day key subject master classes in Maths and English, delivered by specialist teachers and practitioners. The sessions are delivered at key stages prior to tests or entry exams. They have proven to be very effective in building and securing knowledge leading to improved exam results. Many of the skills learned are transferable enhancing exam performance across all subjects.