National Black Boys Can Association

Black boys remain one of the lowest achieving groups of pupils in the UK. The long term impact of educational failure is concerning as Black boys are under-represented in further and higher education, over re-represented in prison, over represented among the unemployed.

Excell3 established the National Black Boys Can Association in direct response to this national challenge. The Association acts as the umbrella under which locally based Black Boys Can projects is provided with direction and support.

Black Boys Can projects operate in many urban cities throughout the country where there is a high ethnic minority population. These programmes provides training and support to Black boys. They are proactive, action-oriented projects that aims to provide black boys with educational opportunity, valuable life skills, and the self-esteem, confidence and determination to succeed. All these qualities are essential if they are to overcome disadvantage and make the most of their formative and adult years. The programmes are taught by positive role models; who believe in the ability of black boys to succeed.