Who Are Excell3?

Excell3 is a national education charity that was established in 1999. The organisation aims to raise the academic achievements and aspirations of pupils, from areas of socioeconomic disadvantage to break the cycle of underachievement.

Since 1999 Excell3 has operates a four pillar strategy in pursuit of our mission. Our unique holistic strategy engages the participation of all the major stakeholders – pupils, parents, community groups and mainstream education – to ensure that our intervention has the greatest impact and result in positive outcomes for young people.

We therefore:

  • Provide a range of education resources and personal development programmes, for children and young people.
  • Up-skill parents enabling them to provide more effective support for their children.
  • Work in partnership with mainstream educational institutions including schools and universities.
  • Empower local communities to deliver support to meet the needs of children and young people in and out of formal education settings.

A brief overview of our work
In addition to providing direct services to our main stakeholders, we have been called upon to become members of various national policy groups to influence and contribute towards policy-making in the education of marginalised young people. We have therefore, for example, contributed to DFE’s School Exclusion Working Group,the Centre for Social Justice’s educational failure policy group (which contributed to the‘Breakthrough Britain Report’ and the Conservative Party’s Green school’s policy paper,‘Raising the Bar, Closing the gap’) and the DCLG’s Reach Project.

In addition we have been commissioned by Local Authorities to deliver citywide projects e.g. parenting teenaged boys, developed partnerships with several universities including the University of Oxford and Cambridge, to run joint projects, hosted national educational conferences for parents and young people, hosted a joint School Leadership conference in conjunction with the National Union of Teachers, developed a range of parenting hand books, including the Help your children to Learn, on behalf of the DFE,developed a number of nationally accredited courses for pupils and parents, and helped establish the Amos Excell3 University Bursary, in association with Baroness Amos.

The success of Excell3 has drawn considerable attention in the academic arena and has been featured as the lead article in the Times Educational Supplement. As a result of the demand for our services, we have responded by creating a new sustainable business model, the`Community Franchise called You CanXL`. This model is now fully established with over 20 Community Franchises, operating across the regions and delivering in excess of 30 projects in areas of inner-city deprivation.

Our success over the years has also led to us being invited to the Queens garden Party, to the Prime Ministers’ reception at the 10 Downing Street, to a private meeting at the office of the Hon David Cameron MP to discuss education of disadvantaged pupils, and to the Chancellors of Exchequers events at 11 Downing Street.